Class LocalSingleResultIdentifyManager

  extended by eu.larkc.core.pluginManager.local.LocalPluginManager<Query,Collection<InformationSet>>
      extended by eu.larkc.jactr.core.pluginManager.local.LocalSingleResultIdentifyManager
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public class LocalSingleResultIdentifyManager
extends LocalPluginManager<Query,Collection<InformationSet>>

LocalSingleResultIdentifyManager is a LocalPluginManager for Identifier plugins that returns a single result. It will generate a Collection on the output queue for each Query that comes in on the input stream

Martijn Brakenhoff (based on code by: Mick Kerrigan and Barry Bishop)

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Constructor Summary
LocalSingleResultIdentifyManager(Identifier identifier, Queue<Query> inputQueue, Queue<Collection<InformationSet>> outputQueue)
          Constructor thats takes the plugin to be manages, the input, and the output queues as input
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Constructor Detail


public LocalSingleResultIdentifyManager(Identifier identifier,
                                        Queue<Query> inputQueue,
                                        Queue<Collection<InformationSet>> outputQueue)
Constructor thats takes the plugin to be manages, the input, and the output queues as input

identifier - The Identifier plugin to be managed
inputQueue - The queue from which input messages will come from the previous plugin in the pipeline
outputQueue - The queue onto which output messages should be put to send them to the next plugin in the pipeline